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A father, grandfather, union leader, and career telecommunications technician, Shawn Jones knows what it means to work hard. As a proud member of the Communication Workers of America (CWA) Local 3404, he understands that leaders are personally accountable to the people they represent. Serving as Local 3404’s Vice President for 8 years and President for 4 years, Shawn’s fellow workers trust him to lead honestly and effectively when advocating on their behalf. 


That's why he's running for State Rep. Because Shawn Jones isn't a politician - he's one of us. He works 9-5, loves his family, and believes that our lives can - and should be better. He's uniquely prepared to stand up for our most pressing needs because he faces those needs himself every single day.


With a strong commitment to service, family, and integrity, Shawn believes in the power of common sense to address the needs of our community. As our next State Representative, he’ll be an unwavering advocate for the hardworking people of District 76.

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"Real leaders don't just talk. They listen hard to the folks they represent.​"

- Shawn Jones

Help out

Shawn works hard to stick up for the good people around him. That's why he's running for office: because our community deserves a State Representative who personally understands our needs and is ready to fight for them in Baton Rouge.

But Shawn isn't a politician, and he doesn't have a politician's wallet. He needs YOUR help to win this race. So, whether you can chip in $5 or $500, every dollar you chip in will help power Shawn's campaign to victory!

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"My parents taught me that family always comes first. As a union leader, I've worked hard to build better lives for families throughout our community."

- Shawn Jones 

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