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Meet Shawn

A father, grandfather, union leader, and career telecommunications technician, Shawn Jones knows what it means to work hard. Born and raised in New Orleans, his life story is defined by dedication, compassion, integrity, and a commitment to serving the good folks around him. 

A Family Legacy of Love and Service

Shawn's childhood was shaped by the love and guidance of his parents, Gwendolyn and Michael Jones. His father, who worked as a union boilermaker for 35 years, instilled in him a strong work ethic and a firm commitment to honesty. With deep roots in South Louisiana, Shawn's family embraced the importance of family and community service. Together, they volunteered for various charitable causes, including Saint Jude and Toys for Tots, laying the foundation for Shawn's strong belief in the importance of giving back to others.

Shawn's mother encouraged him, his brother Aaron, and sister Desiree to excel academically and be involved in their local Lutheran church in Chalmette. As his father - who worked hard to support their family - often had to travel for his job, Shawn’s mother played a vital role in ensuring he and his siblings received the support and guidance they needed to succeed in school and life. Driven by her desire for them to achieve more than the generation before, she emphasized the significance of education, family, and valuing their community.

Life's Challenges and Resilience

Moving to Pearl River/Slidell at the age of 12, Shawn graduated from Pearl River High School in 1994. In high school, he actively participated in baseball and basketball, earning the honor of a two-year letterman in each sport. While pursuing higher education at Pearl River Community College and then Delgado Community College, however, Shawn was soon faced with an unexpected challenge. Having his first child shortly after beginning community college, he made the brave choice to prioritize supporting his family, a decision that led him out of school and into his career.

Looking back to the lessons taught to him by his parents, Shawn understood the importance of hard work, responsibility, and resilience. Though his path didn't lead to a college degree, he embraced the lesson that dedication would be the key to providing for his loved ones. Seeking to broaden his skill set and secure a stable future for his family, Shawn reached out to his uncle, who ran an electrical company, to learn invaluable hard skills that would support his family's needs.

A Career of Service and Leadership

In 2000, Shawn accepted a job at Bell South, which later became AT&T. Over the years, he held various positions within the company, including service technician and, more recently, a digital technician. 

Just a half-decade after starting at Bell South, though, Hurricane Katrina struck South Louisiana home. Driven by desire to uplift his community after the disaster, he worked at least 12 hours a day for a year and a half to help rebuild New Orleans and the Northshore. While his commitment to service and leadership blossomed during this time, however, the heavy workload demanded by the rebuilding efforts put a strain on Shawn’s ability to see his family. This struggle highlighted the necessity for a better balance between work and family life - after all, his parents always taught him that family comes first, no matter what.

After successfully learning to navigate the work-family balance, Shawn thrived in his work at AT&T. As a proud member of the Communication Workers of America (CWA) Local 3404, moreover, Shawn demonstrates unwavering support for his fellow workers to this day. Serving as Vice President for 8 years and president for 4 years, he is driven by a genuine concern for people and the desire to assist others. Shawn's passion for helping others and holding corporations accountable to their union contracts has been a driving force throughout his long-standing union leadership.

The Everyman with a Heart for Community

Beyond his professional pursuits, Shawn finds joy in his family, friends, and community. Embracing the role of a loving partner, he lives with his fiancée, Jennifer, a dedicated preschool teacher. Together, they share a family that includes two wonderful daughters, Khloe and Kaylan, and a cherished grandson, Kolton. Jennifer also has two sons of her own, both of whom serve in the U.S. military.

As an avid golfer, Shawn’s true happiness lies in the simple pleasures of life. Spending quality time with his loved ones, barbecuing with family and friends, and enjoying the company of his community are the moments that truly matter to him.

Shawn Jones embodies the spirit of the everyman, a hardworking and compassionate individual who believes in the power of common sense to address the needs of Louisiana's 76th district. With a strong commitment to service, family, and community, Shawn seeks to represent the diverse voices and aspirations of his constituents in Baton Rouge. 


A vote for Shawn Jones is a vote for a brighter, stronger, and humbler future for South Louisiana.

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