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Shawn's Priorities

Shawn Jones's decision to run for State Representative in Louisiana's 76th district was born out of a powerful realization - the everyday working people, living paycheck to paycheck, are lacking adequate representation in Baton Rouge. Observing the workings of the state's political system, Shawn recognized the need for a strong voice that truly understands and advocates for the concerns of Louisiana's hardworking people.

At his core, Shawn Jones is driven by a deep-seated desire to help people. He firmly believes in bringing a common-sense approach to policymaking, focusing on representing the individuals who wake up each day, roll up their sleeves, and head to work to support their families. As a State Representative, Shawn aims to ensure that all segments of the population have a fair share of opportunities and benefits, empowering them to lead better lives.

Shawn's experience as a union leader has taught him the value of thorough community engagement. He understands that effective representation starts with actively listening to the people he serves, just as he does as a dedicated union leader. Only by understanding the challenges, hopes, and aspirations of his constituents can he truly address their needs and concerns in the legislative arena.


Good Paying Jobs & Skill Development: Shawn recognizes that the wages most people receive right now are insufficient for a thriving life. He is committed to creating an environment that promotes skill development, ensuring that individuals have the education and training to qualify for higher-paying jobs. Small businesses, the backbone of the state's economy, will also receive direct support from Baton Rouge to foster growth and prosperity and further expand the job market.

Supporting Public Employees: Shawn firmly believes in paying public employees, such as teachers, firefighters, and police officers, better wages. Adequate compensation is essential to retain, attract, and respect the talented professionals who serve our communities selflessly.

Education for All: Shawn is passionate about improving the state's education system. He advocates for higher teacher pay that treats educators with the respect they deserve. Shawn emphasizes that education is a powerful tool for economic progress, and he believes that every child, regardless of their background, deserves access to quality education.

Diverse Career Pathways: Not everyone needs to follow the traditional four-year college path. Shawn aims to guide individuals towards careers in trades and vocational fields, which can lead to fulfilling and well-paying professions. Understanding individual strengths and abilities is key to fostering success.

Affordable Healthcare for Everyone: Healthcare is a fundamental human right, and Shawn is committed to ensuring that everyone has access to affordable and comprehensive healthcare. Mental health is an integral part of healthcare, and it deserves equal attention and resources to enhance the well-being of all residents.

Workers' Rights: Shawn firmly advocates for workers' rights, regardless of union affiliation. He believes in open lines of communication between employers and employees to address and resolve issues fairly and respectfully. As a union worker for over 25 years, he knows firsthand the importance of holding businesses accountable to the needs of their employees.

As a passionate advocate for the working people of Louisiana, Shawn Jones is determined to bring about positive change and create a state that thrives on hard work, diligence, and understanding. Through his commitment to community engagement and common-sense policymaking, Shawn seeks to build a brighter and more equitable future for all residents of Louisiana's 76th district. 

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